Leo Season | 2021


Leo season has arrived to warm and inspire us. They come in place as the fifth of the twelve zodiacs, representing the lion in all their gracious, bodily glory. They savor the world just as quickly as they swallow it, making every moment a testament of their character. After all, what would the outside look like, without these animals?


July 22 — August 23

The dying buzz of a socialite evening, with cups on the counter and the faint smell of smoke and fumes. There, standing by the window, peering down at the world around and beyond them, is Leo. Make no mistake, they know they’re not the center of the universe — but they’re damn sure to stand there, anyway. Taking it all in, but never claiming it as theirs. They know bigger moments will come along to line their pockets, and bog them down for a time.

And that is their art form. During this Leo season, you may find yourself stumbling into some uncharted territory — but thriving there, nonetheless. Now may not be the exact time to be setting up shop, but know that there is a profit to be made in meeting new parts of yourself. What special knack has been lying dormant in the comforting — but boring — swell of your ordinary routines and hobbies? How can you meet this strangeness halfway, and then invite it home? As you meet new parts of yourself, you may also meet that of others — so remember not to be too prideful for too long in the same place. Go where the opportunities of meeting new arms are. And don’t be afraid to hold them, and sway.

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