Virgo Season | 2021


Virgo season has finally arrived, and now, we can wake up, rub our eyes, and get straight to what must be done. As the sixth zodiac sign — otherwise known as the virgin — Virgo comes to provide all the stability and ritual we may ever need. They encourage us to venture toward our goals in a methodical and articulated manner. They operate as an ominous moving force, always propelling forward — no matter how strange their path may seem to others. Their self reliance alone is intimidating, but this is their power. Move, or be moved on.


August 23 — September 22

There is a wave, and then there is the rock it absorbs — absolving it of its hard stillness and, for a moment, holding it. And then the wave is gone. Ages and eons of this holding and releasing must occur before the rock is smooth. A process of loving and moving on, preserved in stone. With Virgo, everything becomes a process, a ritual. Everything has an end outcome, a projected intention. With so much solidly planned, the true wondering of this time is: Will you know the outcome, or will it be revealed to you, smoothly, in time?

As Virgo season absorbs us, your mind and body will work together to build something. You may find yourself focused on creating stability, whether that be a community, or a safe space to return to and be held by. We leave behind the impulse of our past, but we find the threads of reasoning inside it — and we use these past urges to create a full sense of satiety. Where there is this work, you will find a home, as Virgo extends their love of busy hands (and bodies) to everything they touch. Enjoy the process. It will leave just as swiftly as it arrived.

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