New Moon in Virgo | 2021

Happy New Moon!

Our New Moon in Virgo has arrived to reset and refocus us, but not without a bit of rumination. The choices we’ve made — or haven’t made yet — will come back full circle, begging the question, What could be different? Remember to think about where you are now, and not just where you could be.

Our New Moon will occur on September 6, at approximately 8:51 PM (EST), in the 14°.

New Moon in Virgo

You were once elsewhere before you were here. You have lived this moment over and over, and in it, you are always moving on, always finding a new place to be curious. While you may feel as if you’re now courting a stalemate, know that you will leave this behind too. As dull and unrelenting as they are, these moments are necessary. Virgo wants you to remember that in all the outcomes you admire, there is an unforeseen amount of work. Don’t rush.

But don’t settle, either. In this new lunar month, you will be faced with a variety of possibilities to entertain. To properly analyze them, you may benefit from taking inspiration from the things that face you in this very moment. Virgo is a dreamer, yes, but they are practical. Now isn’t the time to fantasize, or veer to escapism, but it could be the time to take what you want by the hand, and build something better with it. Have confidence in your ability to make decisions, and pave a pathway for yourself.

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