Full Moon in Pisces | 2021

Hello and happy Full Moon.

Oh, a Pisces Full Moon. It’s a moment to live, and then some. Would you care to render yourself free, as a vessel? Find a point, and then tether yourself to it. There is not much more here than what you’re willing to explore. Decide upon your method — then, cut it loose.

Our Full Moon in Pisces occurred on September 20, at approximately 7:54 PM, in the 28°.

Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces will remind us that the act of setting and following through with a plan is just one way to approach life. They find just as much fulfillment in the act of changing their plan, or even taking a sharp turn away from it. They are fond of annotating a few details — or shifting the mood entirely — to better suit their needs. For a Pisces, the aesthetic and the feel matter. Under this Full Moon, you may find yourself wrestling with your sense of fulfillment. You may feel a tad restless, as you want things to change, but aren’t entirely sure how. Luckily, this change will come naturally, as Pisces has a way of attracting the exact response they want.

You may, however, want to take a moment to court with this restlessness, this boredom. As Pisces is rather emotional and feely, they push us to better understand our own mental functions. What sort of wondering and creativity do these feelings of indifference to your surroundings invite? Why, exactly, do they feel so uncomfortable to experience? If you listen closely enough to yourself, there is a dialogue to overhear. With this Full Moon, give yourself the room to annotate, to think. See what can come out of a few still moments.

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