New Moon in Libra | 2021

Hello, and happy New Moon.

Open the gates, and welcome the flood — a New Moon in Libra is here. Now, we may find ourselves completing even the most simple of tasks with an utmost ferocity. Every motion becomes an opportunity to actualize our innermost self, and put it on display for the world. And it is none other than Libra that ignites this performative, perceptive spirit within us. With this as our light, we may work to understand the motives of those around us. What has yet to be said?

Our New Moon in Libra occurred on October 6, at approximately 7:05 AM (EST), in the 13°.

New Moon in Libra

If the air feels taunt, find the invisible string, and cut it. Now is not the time to tiptoe around confrontation. Ask the questions you need to ask. Say the things you need to say. And if there is some sort of burden, some sort of rock on your chest, take it off, and chuck it. Under this New Moon, don’t let an urge to be complacent stop you from moving along. Sometimes, the ‘peace’ is not worth protecting. Let it go.

With this New Moon, Libra will inspire us to adapt — both to a more true sense of peace, and of life. Libra reminds us that the rules we abide by are always subject to change. If your circumstances seem impossible, that may be because you’ve evolved beyond them. With Libra in tow, you may also realize that your will to self-preserve has caused you to thwart yourself. If something seems off, or like it’s not working, don’t follow along. A swift change of plans may be exactly what your spirit needs.

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