Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn | 2022

Hello and good luck.

Just as we began to gain our footing in the New Year, a Mercury retrograde stumbled on-stage to wreak havoc. But fear not. If you try, there’s something you can learn from this. As the planet of communication, Mercury will never undermine the significant impact that our inner-dialogue has. Know that your mindset has the potential to be a glimmering beacon of refuge amidst the chaos.

Mercury began its descending voyage with Aquarius on January 14. The planet aligned with the water bearer whilst it was at 10° and 20’. Mercury will remain with the sign until January 25, when it will re-enter Capricorn. Mercury will station direct on February 3 with Capricorn at 24° and 23’. 

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn

What is there to know, besides everything? With Aquarius, we’re retracing our steps in the pursuit of retrieving any treasurable insight we may have overlooked. During this Mercurial-Aquarian moment, the tangible is a coveted sensation. We wish to find relics of ourselves from periods in which we were aligned with a visceral purpose. But this search is not just for sentimental reasoning. Rather, it is so that we may devote ourselves to finding, and experiencing, it again. Aquarius, though mythical in their social endeavours, cares deeply about connection. They seek calculated, controlled methods that allow them to feel rooted in the outer-world. But of course, they realize that in order to be rooted, you must also offer something in return. During this period, our Aquarian influence will make it easier than ever to provide our outer-world with suitable offerings.

But of course, we mustn’t jump the gun. At times, Aquarius finds it all too easy to rationalize chronic over- or under-expenditure in their pursuits. Simply put, don’t do anything rash. Perhaps this period is not for flinging belongings out a door (or window). Perhaps it is best suited for reevaluation, prioritization, and mental feng shui. Perhaps it is time to do some of that quiet introspection you recognize as necessary, and yet, never allow yourself time for. See the insight of this period as you would sunlight flooding a room. Of course, it makes everything look more beautiful. But it may also make you realize how much dust is in your space. You realize. You think. You act accordingly. The sunlight comes and goes, but you will stay there, with the decisions you made while cast in its golden hue. Make them good ones.

The tail-end of the retrograde will require us to walk down the looming hallway of reflection. With the latter push of Capricorn, doors will open and shut simultaneously. In the past scenarios in which we once scouted for overlooked insights, we may now see the error in the ways of ourselves, and others. Our cunning inner-critique may come out to play, but be warned. Is this judgement productive, or is it simply a way of coping with what is done and gone, and out of your span of control? Do not brood over what you couldn’t have done better. But if you need to pick something apart, pick apart how you could be better now. In what ways have you grown from who you once were? What capabilities, skills, and charms do you now possess? Do not wallow in the paradox of wishing you had then what you have now. Instead, use what you have. Do something with it. Proceed the reputation you have for yourself.

As this three week period unfolds, feel the ebb and flow. Work with, rather than in spite, of it. If you try, you’ll get something from it. If you give, it will give back.

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