Full Moon in Cancer | 2022

Hello, and happy Full Moon.

A Full Moon in Cancer has risen and ripened. There truly is no time better than now to plot, to dream, to feel, and to plan. If you are able to see and accept yourself as you are, you will attract as you are. The barriers you once saw between you and your desires will disintegrate in the wake of your genuinity. Your earnesty will become your finest asset. Be sure of this.

Our Full Moon in Cancer will occur today, January 17, at approximately 6:48 PM (EST), at 27° 50’.

Full Moon in Cancer

Light a candle, and then perhaps another. This Full Moon will function as a memoriam to all that you have loved and lost. But, more pressingly, it will function as a reminder of all that you currently extend your love, energy, and care to. What would we be, without these fixtures of our admiration? What would we do, if we did not have their feet to place our most vulnerable, fortelling offerings at? The pursuit of love, connection, and devotion is an honorable pursuit, but few truly take the time to explore the many forms it may take. Under this Full Moon, reevaluate the ways in which you approach this quest. Recognize that it should not feel burdensome, but curious. Question everything. If the answers you arrive at discomfort you, you’re doing something right.

Too often, we confine our span of action to only what we have witnessed in the world immediately around us. We undermine the vast potential of our own choices, and default to what we see others practice. Within this game of copycat, we relive their mistakes, along with their pleasure. In turn, we do not develop our own unique sense of what is pain or pleasure. We simply act-out the responses we have witnessed, in hopes of accessing the experience of connection we so deeply crave. As you can imagine, this more often than not leads to trouble. Under this Full Moon, all the ways in which we mirror others will be illuminated. Of course, family may come to mind. But you mustn’t overlook your friends, close acquaintances, and work connections. Even the most seemingly mundane exchanges harbor clues on how you view — and work to acquire — acceptance. Remember that acceptance is simply another form of love.

And with Cancer, it is so easy for one thing to be (or want to be) another. It is simply a given that when we reflect, we become a tad insecure. Maybe, a little moody and forlorn. With this Full Moon, emotions will mount high. Even their lack of presence may feel absurdly pungent, and it may seem like there is no proper, “normal” way to react. Use this time as an opportunity to establish your baseline. Put down the script, the projections, the internalized reactions — determine how you feel. The key to overcoming insecurity is to understand whatever seeds doubt. If you understand your own baseline — your own thoughts, feelings, and responses — it is unlikely that you will feel at unease with them. They will simply be a part of you.

Under this Full Moon, care for yourself, just as you care for others. Remember that it all begins with you.

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