Uranus Retrograde in Taurus | 2022

Hello and welcome.

Today, Uranus will station direct in Taurus. For the past five months, the duo has been working hard to invite much needed change into our lives. If magic was lacking, it can surely be found now. You’ve simply got to look at it.

Uranus began its retrograde with Taurus on August 19, 2021, at 14° and 48′. Today, January 18, 2022, Uranus stations direct with Taurus at 10° and 49′. We won’t officially be out of the retrograde woodwork until May 5, when Uranus exits its post-retrograde shadow.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

With Uranus, it is difficult to stay stuck or dissatisfied for long. Uranus is the planet of change — and radical change, at that. They will strike you down from any wrongly assumed role, no matter how high your fall. If you were met with any unforeseen changes or endings in the past five months, Uranus in retrograde may have been the cause. Although abrupt shifts can feel distressing, understand that they are opportunities. Ultimately, they are chances for you to exercise your control over the most indeterminable factor — your own response.

Though erratic at times, Uranus is a deeply introspective planet. In retrograde, this asset of theirs rises above all others. Uranus prompts us to analyze situations from all angles, and to seek creative solutions to our problems. As we wind-down from the retrograde intensity, you may find it beneficial to reflect on this period’s lessons. In the face of adversity, how did you move forward? As the retrograde comes to an end, how will you continue to do so?

But of course, it was not just Uranus that inspired us to persevere. With Taurus, we were outfitted with the ambition needed to take change in stride. With this sign, we may have found it easier to make choices that were in our best interest. Whether we chose to leave a taxing job, or to pursue healthier habits, Taurus encouraged us to invest in what will provide us with long-term joy. As we move out of this retrograde period, it is essential that we continue to prioritize our pleasure. You must advocate for your own needs — no one else can do it for you.

As we adjust to Uranus direct, we may experience some turbulence in our day-to-day. The habits, routines, and rituals we used to ground ourselves during the retrograde may become all the more essential. In this changing, evolving time, they are your rock. Continue to honor them, and adapt them to serve your current needs and desires. Just as the planet invites change, Uranus also prompts us to more consciously approach the mundane, fixed aspects of our lives. If they are not serving you, you may need to change your approach to them. Perhaps what you are missing is just some simple versatility. Outlook can be everything, but so can action. It is up to you to determine what is needed.

With Uranus direct in Taurus, move forward with the vision of what you desire in mind. Recognize that change is everywhere, in every moment. When you acknowledge it, you may seize it, and direct this vital energy wherever you see fit. Exercise choice as if it were a skill, because it is. Reflect. Recall. Then act.

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