Aquarius Season | 2022

Hello and welcome.

The season of the water bearer is here, and it is gleaming and bright. Aquarius is the eleventh of the twelve zodiacs, indicating that the end is in sight — we have nearly come full circle as beings. With Aquarius, we’re bound to get introspective, if not existential and alien. To experience is one thing. To know is an entire other animal. With Aquarius, it is clear: Our interpretations are what make us whole.

Aquarius Season

January 19 — February 18

With Aquarius, a certain electricity hangs in the air. We understand the full extent of our capabilities, yet desire a breakthrough of monumental proportions. We want to see the barrier be broken down in real time. We want to witness the great falling apart of what we knew, so that we may learn how to put things back together — and do so better than before. Our inner-tinkerer comes out to play, as we grow to desire hands-on experiences. Through an Aquarian gaze, everything is a mission. A mission for growth, for innovation, for dreams to become tangible. They want to know: If not right here, right now, then when?

During this time, it may be difficult to pin-down our boundless energy. Perceptions of practicality may dwindle in the pursuit of more grandiose, heroic concepts. We may become so engulfed in the act of surpassing all of our present rules or standards that we act without aim, or a place to land. Know that this is all a part of the process, of the grander scheme of learning. With Aquarius, trial and error is a given. Time and time again, our ideas and routes of accomplishing them will change before they are even put into motion. We may feel as if we are running in circles. During Aquarius season, you will learn to work with a mind that operates at a faster speed than the body. Needless to say, the ideas that do make it to the stage of physicality will prove to be enthralling, if not endearing. Remember that it’s not always the end that is the goal. Sometimes, it is the motion of doing that gives us the sensation of completion we crave. Circles are everywhere.

If harnessed and directed, this Aquarian energy may propel us forward on all levels. Over the course of the next month, you may find it beneficial to study even the most unsuspecting subjects. Explore the seemingly unattainable with an eye for their skills and secrets. What is truly out of your reach, and what do you convince yourself you cannot be or do? Why do you choose to limit yourself with these convictions? Your answer will function as a window into another realm. With this answer, you may peer inside the most troublesome part of your mind. You may witness your illusions and doubts in their natural habitat. And with the help of Aquarius, you may direct the energy they feast upon towards your own emergence. With this awareness of yourself, there is little that can stop you.

For the next month, truly invest in the ritual of exploration. Allow your curiosity to lead you to new pursuits and connections. Do not fear the unknown. Rather, befriend it, and work with it. Recognize your creativity as a transformative tool, and direct it to areas you’d like to improve. If you can focus your energy, you’re already one step ahead. Make it count.

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