Full Moon in Leo | 2022

Hello, and happy Full Moon.

A Full Moon in Leo is a testament to the concept of inside and outside voices. What would we say with a steady-voice, and what would we only dare to utter alongside a swift expulsion of air? Likewise, what type of word does it take to give a yell, scream, or shout a fully formed sense of meaning? In what ways do we choose to actively express our opinions, and to what extent is this expression controlled by how we wish to be perceived? With Leo, anything you can hide or highlight is a weapon. Your choices are the target.

Our Full Moon in Leo occured on February 16, at approximately 11:56 AM (EST), at 27° and 59’.

Full Moon in Leo

There is a power in opting for secrecy, in leaving some things only for the imagination to touch. With this Leo-Aquarius axis, that was made abundantly clear. Between what we choose to display, and what we choose to conceal, lies our sense of unadulterated self. It is only when we understand how to navigate our needs for both vulnerability and integrity that we may greet this self as a friend, rather than a mere acquaintance. Of course, this is easier said than done. Just as over-sharing can be detrimental to the self, so too can an over-indulgence in secrecy. Under this Full Moon, this realization may have came to you. You may feel as if you are putting up a front — a front that is slowly crumbling. Or, in a milder sense, you may simply be experiencing the growing pains that accompany life. You may be unsure about how your current self differentiates from those past. This begs the question: How, or why, do you want to be different? Know that a dramatic transformation is not necessarily a good one.

With Leo, our sense of contentment comes from our sense of self. Under their spell, we aspire to be potent, thriving, forceful creatures. The world becomes our stage, and we are just as much a part of the audience as the people in our lives are. Everything is done with flair — but, more importantly, intent. Leos move with an intrinsic awareness, as they recognize the cause-effect relationship of everything. Obviously, this type of awareness has its pros, and its cons. It can help us achieve certain outcomes, but it can also confine us. For this reason, we cannot conflate awareness with knowledge. Understanding how to acquire or maintain something is entirely different than knowing if you truly want it. And under this Full Moon, we must face this.

In fact, our yearning for external change may be an indication that we have much to address internally. Perhaps you neglected your private relationship with yourself. Or, perhaps you have allowed a lack of vulnerability in your life to form a disingenuous external front. Under this Full Moon, take this as an invitation to sit with yourself. Recall your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. Recognize the unique creature that you already are, and find ways to express this. Perhaps all you need is to remind yourself of all you have to offer.

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