New Moon in Taurus | 2022

Welcome back, and happy New Moon.

Belonging is conspicuous. Soil is churned and spat back out before a seed may be cradled inside it. Rain must clatter down and plunge into a depth of unknown proportions before the seed’s roots may unfurl within its nest, and grasp at its surroundings. All of this, because we know a home is not a home until you say it is. You must lay claim to it with your body. You must touch its walls. You must sit in your empty garden, and say, I want to be here.

Our New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus will occur on April 30, at approximately 4:27 PM (EST), at 10° 27’.

New Moon in Taurus

For this New Moon, I was called to do a tarot and oracle reading. The tarot cards I received are the Eight of Cups, the Father of Cups reversed, the Nine of Cups reversed, the Ace of Cups reversed, and the Wheel of Fortune reversed. The oracle card I received says to us that adjustments are required. This message accompanies an image of a Third Quarter Moon. As always, take what resonates and leave what does not.

This reading is set to the tone of the partial Solar Eclipse. It indicates that there is something that you have been contemplating letting go of. Perhaps you have already relinquished it, and are now experiencing the after-effects. Perhaps you feel directionless without this heavy anchor. Perhaps you feel empty, or devoid of your purpose. Without this visceral sense of belonging to guide you, you may feel disenchanted with — if not indifferent to — your surroundings. You may feel like the “best” part of yourself is gone. In moments of intensity, reflect on how this attachment made you feel. Did it cause you to doubt yourself? Did it weigh you down, or stop you from exploring your other desires? Perhaps you felt like you were obligated to follow it through, despite your intuitive knowledge that is was impeding your growth. This feeling of responsibility, or obligation, may stem from a desire to please others. You may feel compelled to fulfill their dreams and goals for them. Know that you are allowed to make choices independently. You are under no obligation to live your life to please others.

If it was not an external force driving this attachment, then perhaps it was an internal one. Maybe you were overly-committed to an ideal. You may have placed all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak, and this caused you to divest from other sources of joy and fulfillment. You did not see opportunity in your life outside of this singular source, even as it became misaligned with your true goals/desires. Know that you are allowed to change your mind. At any point in time, you have the option to stop, and start over. Do not feel as though you must compare how you experience success, fulfillment, and “rightness” to how others experience it. In order to obtain these things, you must be transparent with yourself about what you truly want or do not want. You will not find fulfillment in compromising yourself to actualize an ideal. When you resist needed change, you are denying yourself integrity. Let it go.

Right now, it is not important that you move with seamless pose. What is important is that you move with honest intent.

The principles of this reading correlate strongly to those of Taurus. As a fixed Earth sign, belonging is important to Taurus. However, their experience of belonging goes beyond the conventional concept of interpersonal connection. Rather, it is rooted within their perception of themself, and where, why, and how they invest in the world around them. Simply put, they take their commitments very seriously. And so, when a desire for change does arise, they may be conflicted on how to proceed. It is against their nature to be swift or impulsive when making decisions. If anything, they may be more prone to lengthy introspective periods. While these reflective periods can be very productive, they can also quickly metamorphose into brooding. Under this New Moon, it is important that you remain mindful of this. Do not fall down the rabbit hole of self-doubt. Remember that change, however big or small, is a necessary part of honoring your commitments — both to others, and to yourself. Adjust, and align. You will know what is right.

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