Full Moon in Scorpio | 2022

Welcome back, and happy Full Moon.

A late visitor will make haste to explain their errors on the road getting there. Sow, divert, sow, and watch the weeds shoot up between your floorboards. Now, the timely Full Moon is on your porch step, and it is not knocking. Do we not all have some reasoning to do? Invasive species often thrive in neglected environments.

Our Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will occur on May 16, at approximately 12:13 AM (EST), at 25° and 17’.

Full Moon in Scorpio

For this Full Moon, I felt compelled to do a tarot and oracle reading. The cards I received are the Seven of Pentacles, The Chariot, Three of Swords reversed, Mother of Cups, The Hanged Man, and the Father of Wands reversed. The oracle cards I received say to us that conclusions are within reach, and to hold your vision. This first message accompanies an image of a Full Moon Eclipse, and the second, an image of a fixed moon. As always, take what resonates and leave what does not.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio speaks to the concepts of commitment and character. Specifically, our commitment to our character. With the Seven of Pentacles as our opening card, this is especially evident. Pleasant opportunities and fruitful choices are abound, but this spectrum of choice, this ode to freedom, is exactly the issue. In fact, it strikes terror into the hearts of all devotees to the ego, because who isn’t doubtful of oneself and their true wants? Who doesn’t daydream of loosening the reins, of finding greener pastures, of experimenting and frivolity? Who wouldn’t wish to move through the world as who they know themself to be? The gaze of another is not meant to be your default. Only you can see your cards. Only you may play accordingly.

And with The Chariot, there may be an overwhelming conviction to do so. You may feel that choices must be made right now, or not at all. The golden door is winding shut, and you are not close enough. Perhaps you feel disempowered by this. Perhaps, in the midst of all this frantic stirring, you’ve shut down, and stalled your own decision-making process. You may feel disembodied, as if the lifeforce that is a clear, level mind has been severed from you. Enter the Three of Swords reversed. A cloud the shape and color of a bruise looms just barely overhead. You did not witness it form and, true to its elusive nature, haven’t the slightest idea when it will leave. Let this remind you that all things — even those that are marvelous and mysterious — have a potential to emerge from you. And yes, this does imply that there is a vault of unforeseen knowledge and potential that lies within you. You cannot hide behind these falsehoods and ideas of lack anymore. Let the lies you tell yourself drop to the floor like flies. Then, throw some salt, and grab a broom. It is time to sweep the carnage away.

And if you need to hear it again, listen as the Mother of Swords says, No more! Indeed, these self-imposed narratives of victimhood and martyrdom must go. Granted the wide-net of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse (and not to mention, the relentless self-exasperation of Scorpio), unconventional emotional ventures may be your current fancy. Know that this pattern of reckless investment cannot continue. The watchful eye of The Hanged Man punctuates this firm warning, if not adds a greater sense of immediacy to it. No more brooding, no more stalling, no more sulking in the passageways of change and time. There is work to be done! Charge forward.

And be willingly to make a dance out of it. The greatest sensations of fulfillment are hard-won, and they are mainly dealt by the long and wearing process of learning to trust oneself. Failure is a tool, and the Father of Swords reversed will not let you forget this. Be willingly to trip, and follow the fall through. Perhaps you will tumble into these greener pastures, or perhaps you will discover a field of mud. The lesson, either way, is yours. And maybe that golden door is not your golden door, and maybe you must search a little while longer to uncover it. There are just as many ways to pass through the threshold, and venture inward, as there are to go out. Under this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, hold a vision of all your modalities in mind. You will soon be able to find yourself anywhere.

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