New Moon in Gemini | 2022

Hello, and happy New Moon.

The moment is mercurial. These seconds will keep spinning on their heads until their necks — the thick tree trunks of their bodies — cry, I am done here! It requires that you place not one, but two feet firmly on the ground. Perhaps you need to drop down on all-fours to evenly distribute the weight of it all. Bleary-eyed dreams can no longer disrupt the life that blares before you, beaconing you to take it seriously. No one is going to carry you but yourself.

Our New Moon in Gemini will occur on May 30, at approximately 7:30 AM (EST) at 9° and 3’.

New Moon in Gemini

For this New Moon, I completed a tarot and oracle reading. The cards I received are the Two of Pentacles reversed, The Hanged Man, the Ace of Swords, Justice reversed, Ten of Wands, and the Knight of Cups reversed. The oracle cards I received say to us that your dreams need a practical plan, and also ask us what do you need to release? The first message accompanies an image of a Full Moon in Taurus, and the second, an image of a waning moon. As always, take what resonates and leave what does not.

With Gemini, the tension runs so strong that it grows into a creature all its own — one that towers heights beyond your line of vision. The intangible and the ineffable will become your mind’s most enduring preoccupation, urging you to make quick — if not impulsive — turns at the wheel. Remember that life is not a game. The burn (and not to mention, shame) of your choices will outmatch the pressure of your frivolous desires. Needless to say, Gemini’s presence may predispose one to burnout before they even begin. If you’re unsure of where you are heading, or what you’re aspiring for, your wheels will spin, spin, spin in place, until there is nothing for them to turn on anymore. And while this may seem like a curse, it is anything but. It is a blessing to learn how to handle oneself in the face of options, adversity, and unpredicted change. Whether you are currently experiencing a burn- or a blow-out, this is the world’s way of telling you that there is a destination, a target, that is unknown to you. And now, with no distractions in your way, you must set out to find it.

Enter: the Two of Pentacles reversed and The Hanged Man. Although knowing how and when to remove oneself and simply observe is a task of its own, it is not the only task you can expect to be met with. It is equally as challenging to know how and when to insert yourself back into the narrative. And right now, this is the task that is facing you. Remember that some friction is necessary — you do not get to opt-out of being the lead of your life. And with Gemini’s influence, there is the potential for even the smallest social choices to grow into gargantuan narratives. Do not entertain the ideas that you are incapable, or out of control. Do not write yourself off as a cause that others would be so kind to invest themselves in. Approach life with the belief that you are more than deserving, and more than prepared for the obstacles you will be met with. Don’t wait for someone else’s instruction — take initiative!

And with the boundless energy of Gemini, this need to reclaim our autonomy will be integral. Even if we were initially resistant to it, we will come to accept it. And then, we’ll be ready to lead. In fact, with the Ace of Swords as our chaser, initiative and integrity alike become paramount. Moreover, with Justice reversed, we are cautioned to remain vigilant of our own assumptions and unspoken expectations. Remember that these one-sided commitments hold more power over their possessor than the one they are meant to be projected onto. And with the Ten of Wands and Knight of Cups reversed, these situations will be exasperated to the point of combustion. Speak freely about your desires and wants from others — do not yell in your own mind and then wonder why no one is hearing you.

Now is the time to exit your brooding mind and enter the world of the waking and the speaking. Harness Gemini’s bright ambition to bring forth your own. Anticipate detours, and take them with stride. Maybe, even enjoy them. Life is unfurling before you. Are you blossoming, or are you preparing to wilt?

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