Leo Season | 2022

Hello, and welcome back.

You’ve come a long way, but you’re not quite there yet. The polarizing attention of the sun remains a constant, as it is still gazing down on you. This boundless warmth, though tiresome, urges you to continue onward with the same optimism that your journey was conceived with. And there’s a more than good enough reason to do so. If you find yourself overtaken by a tremulous agony, realize that the valley between who you are and who you ought to be is an illusion, and a self-indulgent one at that. Solipsism will not cure each and every one of your ails. Where there is pride in aloofness, there is strength in attentive communication. Use your words as you would use your actions — for pleasure, and for good.

Leo Season

July 22 — August 22

For Leo season, I felt called to complete a tarot and oracle reading. I used my White Numen tarot and my Archetypes oracle deck. From the tarot, the cards I received were the Ace of Swords, Black Numen (bonus card), Four of Swords, The High Priestess, Six of Cups, and Three of Wands reversed. From the oracle, I received The Queen and The Warrior. As always, take what resonates and leave what does not.

As Leo brinks the horizon, the anticipation for a grandiose show heightens. In the spirit of theatrics, pure-hearted, devoted ritual and strenuous compulsion will dance side-by-side. Occasionally, one will be caught masquerading as the other, in a spiteful attempt to mislead the naive viewer. With the Ace of Swords and the Black Numen present, it is imperative that you bare this in mind. Through open eyes, the semantics of the show are clear: do not give away your power, and do not rest your judgement so easily. Trust the instinct that tells you to view your reality from a perspective greater than your own periphery. You have the ability to rewrite your narrative, but only if you are willing to see it for what it is, and call it by its name. If you listen closely, you will hear that there is already a pulse.

And now, it’s banging on your door. With the Four of Swords and The High Priestess to follow, cool, calm recollection becomes a secret weapon. Remember this, as Leo often inspires the performer within us to exasperate and act impulsively. If need be, reframe your self-mediation as something alluring — because, truthfully, it is. Know that reflection aides self-knowledge, and self-knowledge allows for confidence to blossom. And this, as we all know, brings forth great insights and privileges. In the quiet, you may hear the pulse of change, and follow it back to its source. While you wait, trust that you can bare the silence.

But you needn’t brave it alone. As the season progresses, Leo will be sure to remind you that peace is an ongoing process. However, Leo believes that peace is not something born through utter solitude. They know that there is only so far one may go on their own. Some elements of your peace must be forged with those who you love and trust. And with the Six of Cups and Three of Wands reversed, this will become especially apparent. If you are fearful of companionship, now is the time to examine why. Why do you believe you are better off alone? What drove you to possess the belief that you are incapable of fostering meaningful connections? As your answers become illuminated to you, work towards livening your routine. Remember that compulsive isolation will only render you small and stagnant. There are certain insights that can only be accessed through camaraderie, and emboldened vulnerability. Rest assured, you have more than enough to offer.

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