New Moon in Capricorn | 2022

Hello and happy New Moon.

Capricorn is here to relieve all your rusted lies of their duties. Now, there’s no more hiding from what’s real. There was never a window between you and the world. You are part of what you’re looking at. Stick out your hands and get moving.

Our New Moon in Capricorn will occur on December 23, 2023, at approximately 10:16 AM (EST), at 1° and 32’.

New Moon in Capricorn

Through a bleary gaze, you hold the face of the future in your hands. Despite the hum in the air, you know that nothing remains a worthy pursuit. After all, it is this electricity that has gotten you this far. Yet, there is only so much running one may do before they must stop and look at their feet, and then the ground. It doesn’t hurt to know where the bridge starts, or ends.

Remember that a list can also be a map. Being conscious of who you are and what you want isn’t a lifelong sentence — it’s merely a string to follow in the dark. You’re allowed to tie knots, and you’re also allowed to pick at them until they’ve gone loose. There are no rules except those you set for yourself.

So, don’t withhold. Devour your mistakes like a carnivore. Unhinge your gargantuan jaw, and sink your teeth into all the indulgent sensations of humanness. And if it gets to be too much, remember that it’s likely you’ve tasted this irony before. You can, in fact, feel something for the first time on several different occasions. Trust that you will always know what you know, and then some.

You will lead yourself out of this.

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