New Moon in Taurus | 2023

Hello and happy New Moon.

Emptiness is a motion, as well as an offering. Taurus steps in with just this. What do you do when every option is laid out before you? Perhaps it is not time to jump into the dance just yet. When you see a hand emerge from the crowd, take it.

Our New Moon in Taurus will occur on May 19 at approximately 11:53 AM (EST), at 28° and 25′.

New Moon in Taurus

A still moment is needed, and it will be received. Remember that dramatic movement is not always necessary when going from one state to the next. While leaps and bounds are wonderful, they often enable one to overlook the secret, joyous details. It may serve you well to take notice of the passing landscape. Find a quiet space, and sit down. What do you remember?

Perhaps you put something down, and now, it’s back in your hands. Roll it around. Examine it with all the curiosity you once denied yourself. Ask the questions. It is time to reassess your desires, both past and present. Approach apprehension in slow, coiling steps. Remember that upward movement cannot be linear. It can only be clarified.

So, put a name to the force that is guiding you forward, into the newness. Your will to actualize your passions will strengthen in tandem with your understanding of them, and laterally, yourself.

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